Academy Translations was founded by Robert Kloiber in Australia in 1992. A native-German speaker, Robert encountered many poorly translated technical documents throughout his previous 10 years’ practise as an electrical engineer. Having recognised the demand for translators with technical qualifications and experience, Robert became a NAATI-accredited freelance technical translator in 1989. Academy Translations was established three years later in order to expand this service into other languages and a greater range of technical fields.

In the course of fifteen years of operation, Academy Translations has built a reputation for being one of Australia’s most reliable translation service providers, and is distinguished by specialising in high-quality technical translations.


The translators we work with are qualified in specialist fields and translate only into their native language.

Translators require an in-depth understanding of the grammar, semantics, syntax and idioms of the target language, and of the culture of its speakers. For this reason we recognise the importance of using only translators who are native speakers of the target language. Additionally, where possible we use translators living where the target language is spoken to ensure that the terminology used is current.

Our rapidly-growing team of translators consists of over 300 linguists. All translators are qualified and experienced in one or more specialist fields and all translators and proofreaders have passed Academy Translations’ evaluation process.

Project Managers

It is the project manager’s responsibility to ensure that each project is completed to a high quality standard and is delivered on time.

Academy Translations’ fulltime, in-house project managers are assigned to projects from inception through to delivery. Additionally, regular clients are assigned the same project manager in order to promote consistency across projects. The project manager’s role includes project planning and scheduling; client and team communication; cost control; and project tracking, reporting and troubleshooting.

Business Managers

Our small business management team includes the founder, Robert Kloiber, and is as dedicated to providing a high-quality, cost-effective technical translation service to industry as the day Academy Translations opened for business fifteen years ago.