Profiled below are some of the translators we work with:


Kevin has a degree in chemistry and before becoming a translator he worked as a research chemist, physics teacher, medical materials consultant, software developer and IT systems consultant. A freelance translator since 2000, Kevin is now a German court-appointed sworn translator and state-certified translator for science, and has membership in the German translator’s association and German professional association for technical communication and information development. Kevin has worked with Academy since 2002, enjoying the “interesting projects; pleasant, flexible project management and the thrill of dealing with people living and working in a very different time zone.”


  • German > English


Tom obtained degrees in geography and electrical engineering and spent ten years as an engineer in the audio industry; now with fifteen years’ experience as a translator, his work includes translations of several engineering and scientific text books. Tom has worked with Academy for approximately six years and enjoys Academy’s “interesting customers and professional attitude.”


  • English > German


Sam has a PhD in mechanical engineering and was a research fellow at the Chemical Engineering Department of the University Of Florida, USA for five years before becoming a professional translator in 1995. Sam has worked with Academy for seven years and enjoys being free to ask any question he needs to.


  • English > Japanese


Loek has a Master of Arts degree in Japanology and twelve years’ experience as an IT-specialist translator. He has the following to say about Academy Translations: “Because the owner has been a translator himself in the past, he can relate to both the client's and the translator's needs. That makes Academy Translations a perfect partner for localisation, as they know which deadlines, rates and workflows are realistic and which are not, contrary to most other agencies that tend to over-promise and under-deliver. I have always been impressed with Academy Translations' professional approach. That and their famous Australian flexibility makes them one of the nicest and most professional translation agencies to work with.”


  • English > Dutch
  • Japanese > Dutch


Enrique has a degree in Physics and over ten years’ experience as a technical translator, software localiser and software localisation project manager. He has worked with Academy Translations for approximately eight years and feels that “Academy's project managers are friendly, proactive and very professional.”


  • English > Spanish
  • Portuguese > Spanish


Brad has ten years’ experience as a technical translator—with emphasis on software localisation—and has a Master's degree in English literature and membership in the Korean Society of Translators. Brad has worked with Academy Translations for three years, and believes that Academy’s effort to organise projects well allows translators to produce high-quality translations. In regards to working with Academy’s project managers, Brad says “It's always enjoyable to work with those professional working partners.”.


  • English > Korean