Academy Translations' project management guidelines and checklists have been fine-tuned over 15 years to ensure the final product meets our high standard of quality and timeliness, while allowing the flexibility required to meet individual client requirements.

The steps we take to complete a typical document translation project when using Translation Memory are:

  1. Receive source file, acknowledge receipt
  2. Align old translation and create memory (if applicable)
  3. Create Déjà Vu X Workgroup (DVX) project and analyse (word count)
  4. Check document for untranslatable links, graphics, tables, etc and prepare for translation
  5. Quote price to client
  6. Answer client’s queries (if any)
  7. Set up job in project management software
  8. Contact translators for availability
  9. Send files to available translators
  10. Contact proofers for availability
  11. Receive translated TM files
  12. Import TM files into DVX (or Passolo)
  13. Export translations
  14. Check files and perform DTP (if required)
  15. Convert files to .pdf format
  16. Send .pdf files to proofreaders
  17. Receive proofreaders’ mark-ups
  18. Send proofreaders’ mark-ups to translators
  19. Receive corrected TM files
  20. Export final file
  21. Check again and correct format problems (if required)
  22. E-mail files to client, await acceptance
  23. Implement changes requested by client, if any
  24. Clean translation memory (if required)
  25. Close project in management software
  26. Process and issue invoices