Patent Translation

The most common questions potential clients ask us about patent translations are:

   1. How do you ensure that your patent translations are correct?
   2. What can we as the client do to reduce patent translation cost?

QUESTION ONE consists really of two elements:
  • Linguistic accuracy we ensure by

  •    -   working with a translator that is a native speaker of the target language,
       -   who lives and works in the target country;
       -   the quality control process that all our patent translations undergo.

  • Technical accuracy we guarantee by working only with a translator that has an educational background and/or practical experience in the technical subject of the text.
And what about QUESTION TWO?

Yes, you can minimise translation cost by:

  • By sending us legible copies of the source text (original language text) if it is in printed form.
  • If the source document is in electronic form, send it in a reasonably common file format (e.g., a common word processor format or PDF).
  • Allow a reasonable time to complete the work to avoid an urgency surcharge.

Why Use Us?

At Academy Translations our people are the key to success.

All our translators have premium technical qualifications and experience using the latest specialized Translation Memory (TM) software (such as Déjà vu X).

We translate all patent specifications and related IP documents, patent claims and abstracts - certified for filing at IP Australia or overseas Patent Offices.

Every patent translation project is planned and executed by a team consisting of a project manager and one or more technical translators and proofreaders with native language skills and sound technical knowledge.

The following is a small selection of the thousands of Patent Specifications translated by Academy Translations since 1992. The list is incomplete but will be sufficient to illustrate our experience.

Abrasive CBN compact
AC voltage regulator with control circuit

Bending beam weighing device
Bitumen gluing, impregnating and corrugated cardboard machine
Bullet resistant glass screen

Carrier for screen printing stencil
Catalytic reactor
Centrifugal separation apparatus
Change of inflammation phase in the operation of a spark ignition engine
Collapsible wheel trolley
Compact fluorescent lamp
Compressor for oil-free compression of gases
Control and drive unit for carousel milking facility
Coupling housing of a centre buffer coupling

Device for manufacturing pastilles
Device for spraying liquid
Dispensing device for moulded drugs

Elastomer with friction-reducing coating
Electrically controlled plumbing fitting
Electromagnetic machine with permanent magnet rotor
Electronic doll
Extrusion machine for plastic pipes

Facility for the refuelling of a gas tank
Fastener for power tools
Fastening device
Floor cleaning machine
Friction brake using brake shoes

Guttering System
Hand-held electrical jig saw
Jig pulsion mechanism

Lead sheets with corrosion protection
Leakage-free switching dual valve arrangement
Lock nut

Manufacture of oriented plastic pipes
Manufacture of porous ceramic granules
Manufacture of solid compound material for water treatment
Mechanized document storage system
Method and apparatus for purifying chemical substances
Method and device for mixing two pasty masses
Method and device for removing material by means of a converging energy beam
Method and device for the manufacture of plastic pipes
Method for coding signals
Method for dry electrostatic cleaning of dust-containing waste gases
Method for electroless plating of electrically nonconductive substrates
Method for operating a combustion engine in the full-load range
Method for PCB through-hole plating
Method for the installation of a piping system
Method for the manufacture of magnesium oxide with high granular weight
Microwave spectrometer
Multi-channel remote control unit with frequency-selective receiver units

Net support structure
Nitroglycerin spray
Non-contact control device
Nozzle for vacuum cleaner

Pesticidal active substance concentrates and their manufacture
Pipes with integral sockets
Plastic pipe connector
Process and device for the separation of substances through crystallization of molten materials
Process for driving current-controlled actuators
Process for separating ilmenite
Production of a porous polymer material
Programmable microprocessor

Rotary joint assembly Rotary slide valves for power steering system

Selective gas/flue gas detection system
Shoe with central buckle
Shutoff device
Sizing in impact crushers
Soil drainage elements
Substance application brush
Surface grinder
Switched-mode power supply with flux density control

Thermal storage apparatus
Treatment of timber

Valve stem and seal
Water flushing device with infrared sensor